Social Rights Insurance

Social Rights Insurance

Social Rights are the freedoms, privileges, and entitlements that an individual or employee is entitled to live a life of dignity. A company is under the obligation to respect, protect and fulfill the social rights of its employees. It is their obligation to guarantee these rights. To understand these obligations in simple words, below is a list of the basic social rights (minimum core) that every company must, as per the International Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (ICESCR) upheld by the UN, follow.

  1. Undertakings to ensure that all genders and non-gender affiliates enjoy equal social rights, after all, diversity in the workspace must be celebrated.
  2. All workers work with fair wages and equal remuneration (even in pandemic situations, especially so that advantage is not taken during tough times).
  3. Ensuring the right of all employees to form and join trade unions and go on strike, as disturbance of workplace is not a good enough reason to fire anyone.
  4. No employment of children (under 18) to protect them from social and economic exploitation, that’s just wrong.
  5. Providing free and compulsory education in the field for employees to ensure their career growth, does benefit both parties after all.
  6. Employment is not retractable, as in all employees enjoy social security and future promise, so do not hire people, get their worth out in a couple of months just to fire them.
  7. All employees must be provided with the right to access and maintain benefits like healthcare, pensions, and social insurances through their employers because it’s the future of care for the current job holder.
  8. Adequate leaves and work-life balance, so don’t expect round-the-clock work and give them holidays too!

All social Insurance programs share 4 characteristics – 

  1. Participation is mandatory
  2. Eligibility & benefits depend on prior contributions
  3. Benefits begin with identifiable occurrence
  4. Programs are not means-tested

Becoming a socially responsible employer does not only mean hiring locally but also maintaining all the above rules and regulations as to company policy. These policies go hand in hand at the global stage and recognition as a global company cannot be possible without these in place. It is a part of the future and tyranny is dead. At Utopiic, not only do we follow these policies ourself but also help you implement them in your business. Join Utopiic to understand these better and step into the future, both yours and your employees.