A Cloud Based Saas platform providing an easy online tool to assess, analyze and showcase your positive story. View your performance on sustainability and understand your strengths and improvement area to forge opportunities from sustainability challenges.

Calculate your business’s emissions and switch to sustainable operations & solutions. Get your Utopiic Positive Mark assessment and analyse your business’s prospects. With the Positive Mark you can offset your footprint and share your positive story with your investors, clients and partners.
Calculate your business prospects, assess your brand’s positive score based on the robust sustainability framework aligned with UN’s global goals. With Utopiic, make your supply chain sustainable and your operations greener.
Every business must know their Sustainable & Societal impact. In the long run, only the conscious will survive and the clean will last. Analyse and measure your impacts and actions to invest better and to train your business to be future-ready.
Get Your Utopiic Positive Mark
Benefit from Utopiic’s robust sustainability framework. Get your Positive Mark and manage your supply chains, operations and shipments without having to manage carbon. Your business needs positivity.
Showcase Your Positive Story
Your green story connects more when it relates. For your brand, Utopiic precisely does the same. When it comes to sustainability, data is the real gold. Assess, Analyse, become Planet Positive and share your journey with your Partners, Investors, Customers & Employees. Let them know you are future-ready!
We enable quality brands to communicate the impact of what they sell and improve it for the benefit of the customer and the planet.
Hotels & Villas
Travel Operators
Fashion & Accessories
Beauty & Care
Furniture & Furnishing
Food & Drinks
Don’t see your industry? Get in touch and let's see if we can work together as we are continuously updating our framework and database.
are more likely to buy from a company with a reputation for sustainability.
require assistance in increasing their revenue by clearly communicating their sustainable values and practices.
would like to see environmental issues prioritized in ESG ratings in the future
disclosed their targets, and the actions they are taking.
Sustainability – is a critical factor for smart business today. More and more companies, including your trading partners, are under intense pressure to improve their transparency and sustainability practices, which includes the sustainability of their trading partners (you). Get your Positive Mark and showcase your story.
Positive Mark Benefits
Marketing & Promotion
Share your company’s sustainability performance with your partners, stakeholders, investors and customers to make the most of your sustainability marketing and business practices.
Impact Initiatives
Bolster your business objectives and investment strategies by developing environmental, social, and governance initiatives that minimize costs, optimize efficiencies, boost creativity and innovation, and differentiated value propositions.
Analytics & Insights
A close eye on the analytics of your company’s impacts and performance helps you focus on areas of improvement such as missing policies, transparency management, employment upliftment policies in company disclosures. Showcase data that supports your mission and vision with management programmes.
Emission & Life Cycle Analysis
While the thorough ESG performance of your brand helps you calculate your brand’s performance, with precise industry Emissions & Life Cycle Analysis you could reduce and offset the balance emissions and expand your brand's positive journey.